“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
— Benjamin Franklin

About Us…

After its launch in 2017, H&H spent most of their first year networking, and building a substantial library of IP. They brought in several publishers out of the gate, controlling and shopping their novels and comics as producers. They then built relationships with New York Times Bestselling writers like Joe R. Lansdale, Greg Pak, Brian Keene, and Multi-Award Winning writers like Linda Addison, Nancy Collins, Tim Seeley, and more. All told, they control hundred’s of IPs, with hundreds more at their fingertips through personal relationship with prose and comic book writers. 

2018 was spent developing their first three series based off IP they control. WATSON & HOLMES, a series of graphic novels, was sold to Showtime with Reggie Hudlin onboard as EP/Director and Rob Edwards as EP/Showrunner. SUPERCLEAN, based on the upcoming graphic novel by the company’s founders Cullen Bunn and Heath Amodio, sold to CBS Studios/CW, and now has writer Talicia Raggs at the helm. GLITCHES is the third project, based on a novel entitled Glitch Rain. It has director Hanelle Culpepper and writer Lauren Goodman onboard. Bunn also landed two more projects with SyFy (HARROW COUNTY) and MRC (BONE PARISH).

2019 started off with the new comic book publishing line in tandem with Lion Forge Comics, where they already have 8-10 books planned for the first year with top writers from comics and television. The plan is to create graphic novels with comic book veterans, TV showrunners and feature film writers.

The publishers H&H currently work with include…

Blue Moon Publishing, Coffee House Press, Forest Avenue Press, Apex Book Publications, Severed Press


Our Mission

It’s our mission to work with the greatest creators in the world, helping them bring their ideas to life through the comic book, television, and feature film mediums. To us, creators are rock stars, and should be treated as such. We collaborate with them along each of the steps required to bring their concepts to life.

We LOVE comics! We LOVE television! We LOVE films! We want YOU to love them as well.