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By Cullen Bunn, Brian Keene, Adam Cesare, Michael Patrick Hicks, Heath Amodio, and Impractical Jokers's Brian "Q" Quinn

Centralia: Epicenter. Evil has a network beneath Earth’s surface and its name is CENTRALIA. Throughout the United States the name Centralia crops up again and again. A dozen towns where thousands of people live, never realizing that supernatural forces are aligning against them. Strange events have occurred in one Centralia or another since the 1800’s, but these events are growing more intense with every passing day. A powerful, malevolent force prepares to unleash its evil upon the world through Centralia gateways located in New York, Missouri, West Virginia, Kansas, Texas, and Washington. In this collection of short horror stories, writers Cullen Bunn, Brian Quinn, Heath Amodio, Adam Cesare, Brian Keene, and Michael Patrick Hicks, share the tales of six unlikely heroes who find themselves facing the forces of evil attempting to breach the gates and slither into the world. Centralia is the front line in an ultimate battle of good and evil. Brian Keene, author of THE RISING, EARTHWORM GODS, DEAD SEA, and DARK HOLLOW, crafts a tale of an ex-special forces combat magician. Cullen Bunn, writer of THE SIXTH GUN, HARROW COUNTY, A PASSAGE IN BLACK, and DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, presents the story of a necromancer who carries a secret the Lords of the Dead will kill to protect. Brian Quin, co-writer of METRO and one of TruTV’s IMPRACTICAL JOKER, spins a yarn about a clockwork robot detective. Heath Amodio, writer of THE KEEPER AND THE BOOKS OF POWER, tells the tale of a young blind psychic who sees through her grandmother's eyes. Michael Patrick Hicks, author of THE RESURRECTIONISTS and BORNE OF THE DEEP, introduces a professor of occult studies who refuses to stand idly by when evil rears its ugly head. Adam Cesare, author of CLOWN IN A CORNFIELD and VIDEO NIGHT, tells the story of a martial artist with an affinity for cryptids.



Dropping 11/3 from Aftershock Comics. By Cullen Bunn, Heath Amodio, Sami Kivela, and Jason Wordie.

When evil men and women escape from the depths of the eternal abyss, the Pirate Queen Lady Shih is sent to retrieve them. But when one of history’s most notorious killers breaks free, even she needs help. Enter the Heathens: Shih, Lucky Luciano, Bumpy Johnson, Sofia the Golden Hand, and Billy the Kid. From Hell they came to mete out a justice as dark as their own tormented souls.




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23 & E.T.

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By Heath Amodio


A young boy must defend the Books of Power from those that would use them to create an army of the most infamous villains ever written. Villains such as Captain Hook, The Invisible Man, Dorian Gray, and the winged beasts from the land of Oz come to life in the first book of this adventure series. Every famous classic novel was once a hand-written manuscript into which its author poured his or her heart and soul. These manuscripts, full of raw passion and life, have the power to bring characters to life when read aloud. For over a century, protecting these manuscripts from those who would use their infamous villains to wage war on humanity has fallen upon the shoulders of the Adkins Family. Now, with his parents killed and grandfather kidnapped, Shay must take up the mantel of The Keeper and protect the Books of Power from the worst threat yet.For fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Hunger Games

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